THe Iceman Special



Pertinent Information
Left to right: Hunter, Charlie, Steve, Will & Mike

Two Jamming Brothers, a guitarist with 50 years of wisdom, a cinematographer raised on the drums, add a touch of bongos: this is the recipe for the perfect blend of midnight swamp funque ( funk ). The iceman special was formed in New Orleans during the summer of 2015 by hunter romero (drums) and the murry brothers, will (lead vocals and guitar)
and charlie (bass). before the quintet was solidified, the group began playing shows around louisiana, eventually adding steve staples (guitar and vocals) and Bongo Mike (percussion) to the line up, thus the iceman was born. all five band members bring southern louisiana to every stage, while balancing a commitment to the creation of unique music and to the audience's enjoyment. with these components in place, euphoria so powerful ensues, that even sheepish crowds are howling like wolves by the end of the first jam. The iceman special is all about the "right now", living in the moment because life moves too fast to play slow.